Is Friday the Thirteenth Unlucky?

13 April 2007

Ironically, fear of Friday the 13th, along with the number 13 and bad things happening in threes, comes third in the list of superstitions Americans are most likely to endorse.

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Parental Relationships After Divorce: From ‘Perfect Pals’ to ‘Fiery Foes’

12 April 2007

Although divorce/relationship breakdown happens at a number of levels, it is children that are usually the first concern.

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Seven Signs of Relationship (Dis)Satisfaction

2 April 2007

Unlike ‘love’ and ‘commitment’, the words ‘relationship satisfaction’ are unlikely to strike fear into the heart of the unreconstructed man.

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Affectionate Writing Can Reduce Cholesterol

29 March 2007

According to new research, writing down affectionate thoughts about close friends and family can reduce your cholesterol levels.

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Top Ten Studies, Encephalon #19, 1,000+ Subscribers

26 March 2007

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far in the Top Ten Psychology studies.

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Seven Ways Music Influences Mood

26 March 2007

Good music has direct access to the emotions. As such it’s a fantastic tool for tweaking our moods.

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Communicating Persuasively: Email or Face-to-Face?

24 March 2007

Our intuitive understanding is that face-to-face communication is the most persuasive, but it isn’t always true.

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