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Like many mental health problems, almost everyone experiences anxiety from time-to-time.

Whether anxiety is a problem all depends on the amount and nature of the anxiety.

When it is has a consistent and negative impact on quality of life, it is a disorder.

Types of anxiety

There are various different types of anxiety disorder, including:

Causes of anxiety

There are a large range of factors that could influence whether you experience anxiety as a mental health problem.

  • Anxious personality. Some people are genetically prone to anxiety.
  • Childhood experiences. Bullying, hostile parents or other frightening experiences during childhood.
  • Long-term health problems like chronic pain are linked to anxiety.
  • Everyday habits such as working long hours, financial or housing problems and stress can cause anxiety.

Anxiety treatments

Psychological therapies are very effective for anxiety disorders.

In particular, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) has been found to help many types of anxiety disorders.

Dr Jeremy Dean’s book “The Anxiety Plan” is based on the principles of CBT and provides 42 strategies for dealing with anxiety.

Other ways of managing anxiety yourself include:

Along with psychological therapies, people are often prescribed medications.

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