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Narcissist love to draw attention to themselves, show off and feel admired.

Narcissists are highly extraverted along with being disagreeable.

The combination of the two personality traits explains how narcissists are both very sociable and also prone to being rude and selfish.

While many people are a little narcissistic, it is only at the more extreme end that narcissism becomes a disorder.

Typical traits of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder include:

  • Convinced of their own superiority to others.
  • Appear arrogant and conceited.
  • Envious: they want power, prestige and adoration.
  • Extremely self-absorbed.
  • Lacking empathy towards others.

Types of narcissist

Psychologists have suggested different types of narcissists:

  • Grandiose narcissists: over-inflated sense of self-importance.
  • Vulnerable narcissists: defensive and see others as hostile. Linked to more anxiety and depression.

How to spot a narcissist

Signs of narcissism include acting like an extravert, talking loudly to draw attention to themselves and being very sensitive to criticism.

One of the easiest ways to spot a narcissist is simply to ask them directly — they are proud of being narcissists.

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