September 2009

PsyBlog Now on Twitter

28 September 2009

PsyBlog is now on Twitter, right here.

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How Long to Form a Habit?

21 September 2009

Research reveals a curved relationship between practice and automaticity.

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Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read

17 September 2009

You shouldn’t believe everything you read, yet according to a classic psychology study at first we can’t help it.

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Sit Up Straight! Be Confident!

9 September 2009

New study finds slouchers make less confident self-evaluations.

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Essentials of Group Psychology

7 September 2009

How groups form, conform, then warp our decision-making, productivity and creativity.

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Group Polarization: The Trend to Extreme Decisions

1 September 2009

We tend to think that group decisions average out the preferences of participants but the psychological research doesn’t support this conclusion.

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