Rise of Psychological Research on the Internet

8 August 2006

[Photo by Oneras] A recent request by a researcher to help generate participants got me thinking about the rise of psychological research over the internet. The web can be tantalising […]

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Unity’s Enemy: Complacency

6 August 2006

The greatest enemy of unity, or even just some kind of organisation in psychology, is complacency. Hayes (2004) argues that Henriques’ attempt to (re)define psychology is essentially redundant as it […]

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Unity: Psychology Defined

6 August 2006

[Photo by rbs] For me it’s very difficult to understand what psychology is really about and what it consists of. Everyone seems to have different ideas which are often mutually […]

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The Optician

5 August 2006

[Photo by Ondra L] Nowadays efficient people-smart multi-national corporations are on the rise while local businesses go to the wall. If these smaller concerns misunderstand the psychology of the marketplace […]

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Unity: Gregg Henriques

2 August 2006

While Sternberg & Grigorenko’s (2001) view is extremely attractive and practical, it is nevertheless a bottom-up approach that assumes that fixing the research process will also seal higher level theoretical […]

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Unifying Psychology

1 August 2006

[Photo by otherthings] Since psychology’s split from philosophy around the turn of the last century, much talk has focussed on how the discipline should model itself on the natural sciences. […]

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Environmental Effects in Mental Illness Models

31 July 2006

[Illustration by M H Evans] William of Occam has a lot to answer for. Let me explain. Psychology bloggers are getting excited over recent research in biological psychiatry that integrates […]

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