Unity: A Noble Quest

24 August 2006

[Photo by scalleja] Recently, in the search for unity in psychology (starting here) we’ve hit quite a lot of naysayers: psychology is already unified, it doesn’t need unification, it’s impossible, […]

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Unity: Psychology is the Mother of All Sciences

22 August 2006

A philosophical response to Henriques comes from Jack Presbury who wants to give the Tree of Knowledge a good shake. This article is superficially attractive not least because he states: […]

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Unity: Fuzzy Terminology

21 August 2006

[Photo by larryosan] More criticism of attempts to unify psychology which, as you will see, don’t much impress me. Lilienfeld (2004) responds to Henriques’ article by asking whether attempting to […]

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Unity in Psychology: The Search Starts Here

15 August 2006

[Photo by DerrickT] When I started my first psychology course I couldn’t understand the separation between the different subjects, or disciplines, in psychology. Developmental psychologists aren’t that much different from […]

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Unity: The Cognitive Revolution Unifies

15 August 2006

[Photo by CSSA at UCSD] Thank Kihlstrom (2004), some clarity. I’ve just been reading his response to Henriques’ proposals for a unified psychology, and the man talks a lot of […]

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ARRGGHHH We’re All Going to Die!

11 August 2006

[Photo by Sir Frog] London is currently the centre of world attention as security forces claim to have foiled a terrorist plot to bomb a number of civilian aircraft. In […]

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Unity: Disorganisation in Psychology

10 August 2006

Continuing my investigation of unity in psychology – whether it’s possible, why it’s not there already, what can be done about it – I’ve discovered another supporter of the institutional/organisational […]

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