February 2005

The Psychology of Internet Dating

28 February 2005

→ More recent article: Internet dating: 10 psychological insights You’re single, perhaps painfully so. The large pool of potential partners that school or university provided is starting to seem like […]

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Left blind-spot ‘gives ADHD clue’

28 February 2005

“Children who “miss” things on their left field of vision may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Medical Research Council scientists say.” → From BBC News

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Panic Attacks and the Rise of CBT

26 February 2005

A panic attack is a frightening experience – your heart begins to race and you feel as if you are about to die. The sufferer does not usually have a […]

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Leaving a Bitter Taste in the Mouth

25 February 2005

You know that old philosophical question: How do I know we both see the same colour when we look up at a blue sky? Some research just published asks the […]

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I’ll Be There in About Ten Minutes

22 February 2005

How much money will you have next week? How much time will you have next week? Chances are you are thinking much more time than money according to a study […]

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Tall Babies Earn More Later in Life

21 February 2005

The link between height and earnings is well established. Studies in the US have shown that people earn an extra £500 a year for each additional inch in height. Now, […]

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Important Eurovision research

20 February 2005

“Dr Bruine de Bruin, a researcher in social and division sciences, analysed results from the…Eurovision Song Contests between 1957 and 2003.” “…on average, the last competitor to appear in the […]

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