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The Halo Effect: When Your Own Mind is a Mystery

31 October 2007

The idea that global evaluations about a person bleed over into judgements about their specific traits.

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Ramachandran on Capgras Syndrome, Phantom Limbs & Synaesthesia

29 October 2007

Neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran provides an introduction to how we study the brain’s deficits.

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“Neurolaw” is Dubious at Best

27 October 2007

The Times (of London) has a good skeptical piece by Professor Raymond Tallis on the dubious rise of neurolaw.

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How to Avoid a Bad Bargain: Don’t Threaten

26 October 2007

An award-winning social psychology experiment reveals why we often fail to bargain effectively with each other.

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College Binge Drinking ‘Seriously Kicks Ass’

23 October 2007

Data collected at bars and fraternity parties on the UMass campus has yielded unexpected conclusions with regard to the practice of binge drinking.

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Larry David is Role Model for Schizophrenia Sufferers

22 October 2007

Roberts considers Larry David to be the perfect proxy for a schizophrenic person.

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‘Face-Blind’ are Poor at Judging Facial Attractiveness

21 October 2007

As a social species we rely on being able to recognise other people by looking at their faces.

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