September 2006

Powerful Music

30 September 2006

[Photo by Nite773] Last night at the Barbican I was privileged to hear the world premiere of a new piece by Jonathan Dove called Hojoki. The work is based on […]

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What’s Our Motivation?

28 September 2006

[Photo by clickykbd] Motivation is at once one of the most exciting and one of the most troubling areas of psychology. In asking what makes us human, motivation seems to […]

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Why Do People Participate in Research?

24 September 2006

[Photo by Thomas Hawk] The BPS Research Digest recently drew my attention to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, which has relevance for all types of psychological research. […]

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Unity: Toward a Useful Mass Movement

14 September 2006

[Photo by Hugo] As promised the unity debate continues (start here) with a look at the whole second issue in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Rather than summarising the articles […]

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Vehicles Pass Closer to Helmeted Cyclists

13 September 2006

[Photo by Jason Rogers] Here’s a subject close to my heart: cycling. Not least because I’m a keen cyclist myself but also because cycling is good in so many different […]

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Reflecting on Unity

5 September 2006

[Photo by Steve Wall] For those of you finding the discussion on unity in psychology a little dry (surely not!?!), I have good news: this is the penultimate post in […]

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