March 2006

Unknown White Male

26 March 2006

A new film, Unknown White Male, tells the real-life story of a man who, in July 2003, finds himself on the subway in New York with no idea who he […]

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Imprisonment and Unequal Societies

8 March 2006

On Thinking Allowed today, Nils Christie, Professor of Criminology at Oslo University startled me with a simple fact. Talking about imprisonment he mentioned that, at 141 per 100,000 of population, […]

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Existential Angst

6 March 2006

Over the past few months I have converted to all things Laurie Taylor. Well two things Laurie Taylor related anyway. The first is the excellent ‘Thinking Allowed‘ on Radio 4 […]

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Depressive Thinking

2 March 2006

Most people have experienced depression for at least a short period of time, perhaps as the result of an event or confluence of events. For others, though, depression will not […]

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