Ministers Reject Concerns Over Mental Health Law

14 July 2005

The Guardian reports that: “The government today vowed to press ahead with its controversial overhaul of mental health legislation, against the advice of MPs and peers.” The draft Mental Health […]

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ADHD and Working Memory: Computer Training Shows Benefit

13 July 2005

A recent study reported in Scientific American points the way towards a possible new treatment for ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a widely misunderstood condition which severely […]

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Teaching Girls and Boys Differently

11 July 2005

While the debate continues on psychological sex differences (discussed on PsyBlog here and here), a doctor and psychologist, Leonard Sax, argues that boys and girls should be educated differently. Diagnoses […]

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London Bombings: Profile of a Terrorist

10 July 2005

People talk as though terrorists are ‘other’ than us, and while their actions are certainly ‘other’, experts on terrorists have discovered their backgrounds are often very normal. Terrorists are only […]

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London Bombings: Guardian Journos Disorientated

9 July 2005

There was a contradictory and confusing article in The Guardian yesterday about the psychological after-effects on the survivors of the London bombings. We are encouraged to provide support but Dr […]

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London Bombings: Why We Are Glued To The TV

8 July 2005

Since the terrorist attacks in London yesterday, we have all been glued to the TV for the latest news. The images and stories of blood splattered survivors and long shots […]

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London Bombings: Psychology of Terrorism

7 July 2005

As the dust settles on the terrorist bombings that hit London yesterday, and people begin to take stock of what has happened, thoughts will doubtless turn to how such atrocities […]

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