Daryl Atkins’ Fate Hanging On His IQ

25 July 2005

“The life of a convicted murderer is hanging in the balance while a US jury considers whether his intelligence has increased enough to allow him to be put to death. […]

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Secrets of the Sexes: Attraction. Not Scientific. Not Popular. Not Attractive.

24 July 2005

The BBC series, The Secrets of the Sexes, has gone from hero(ish) to zero in only one week. This week’s show asked whether science can predict sexual attraction. It wasn’t […]

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Optimists Recover More Quickly After Bereavement

24 July 2005

New research, published in Health Psychology, has found that optimists recover more quickly than pessimists after a death or the onset of severe illness in the family. This is the […]

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Caffeine Study Finds No Performance Enhancement

23 July 2005

A study published this month in Neuropsychobiology has found that sustained caffeine use has no significant enhancing effects on performance or mood and does not provide a restorative effect after […]

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Psychological Treatments For Alcoholism Are Ineffective

22 July 2005

Reanalysis of data collected from the most expensive research into the treatment of alcoholism has found little support for the use of psychological therapies. The research compared a number of […]

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Secrets of The Sexes: Psychological Sex Differences

21 July 2005

The first programme in the BBC series ‘Secrets of Sexes‘ looked at the idea of brain sex. It has come in for some criticism from Mind Hacks for simplifying a […]

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Secrets of the Sexes – BBC One

17 July 2005

Interesting programme on BBC 1 tonight at 9pm looking at psychological sex differences: “Are men and women’s brains wired differently? A new BBC One series delves into our minds to […]

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