November 2004

The backlash against Fahrenheit 9/11

21 November 2004

In the lead up to the recent US presidential elections, the outspoken film-maker Michael Moore was campaigning against George Bush’s re-election. Moore’s primary weapon in his fight against Bush was […]

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The chemistry of social interaction

16 November 2004

It was Dr. Martha McClintock who first published the study that showed that women’s menstrual cycles tend to fall into step over time. Recently she discovered that the pheromones given […]

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Danger of hands-free mobiles while driving

15 November 2004

Organisations like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents have long been campaigning for the complete ban of mobile phone use while driving. Research carried out as early 1991 […]

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Parents of person with Asperger’s lost hope

13 November 2004

Suicide, actual and suspected, has been in the news all week. The story of Bill and Wendy Ainscow is similarly tragic. Their daughter has Asperger syndrome, a type of autism […]

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Suicide on the railways

11 November 2004

The BBC Magazine has a thought provoking article about suicides on the railway system. This comes in the wake of a rail accident in the UK possibly caused by a […]

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Treating depression chemically

7 November 2004

One reason that depression is so difficult to treat is that it can have a wide range of causes. If, as in most cases, an anti-depressant is prescribed, it is […]

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Optimists live longer

3 November 2004

Optimists may live longer but with Bush looking like he’ll get a second term, they’re obviously sadly deluded. > Go to Harvard Medical School > Go to anywhere else you […]

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