Unity: Gregg Henriques

2 August 2006

While Sternberg & Grigorenko’s (2001) view is extremely attractive and practical, it is nevertheless a bottom-up approach that assumes that fixing the research process will also seal higher level theoretical […]

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Unifying Psychology

1 August 2006

[Photo by otherthings] Since psychology’s split from philosophy around the turn of the last century, much talk has focussed on how the discipline should model itself on the natural sciences. […]

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Environmental Effects in Mental Illness Models

31 July 2006

[Illustration by M H Evans] William of Occam has a lot to answer for. Let me explain. Psychology bloggers are getting excited over recent research in biological psychiatry that integrates […]

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Lobotomy Wins

19 July 2006

At a Royal Institution lecture last night on the worst ideas on the mind there were some polite, but nevertheless underhand, tactics on show in an attempt to sway the […]

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Great Psychological Experiments of the 21st Century

17 July 2006

I just finished Lauren Slater’s book: “Opening Skinner’s Box: Great Psychological experiments of the Twentieth Century”. These included the work done by B. F. Skinner on operant conditioning, Darley & […]

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Oslo, Norway

9 July 2006

It can be difficult to see aspects of your own identity clearly without a contrast. As an Englishman amongst the English it’s hard for me to understand many aspects of […]

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Wilhelm Wundt: The First Experimentalist

8 July 2006

“The only possible conclusion the social sciences can draw is: some do, some don’t.” – Ernest Rutherford Morton Hunt’s excellent ‘Story of Psychology‘ helps explain why people doubt the scientific […]

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