Sex Doesn’t Sell (Neither Does Violence)

28 June 2007

People think sex sells. Advertisers know it, TV and film producers believe it and the internet was built on it.

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A Tale of Two Conversations (and Mrs Thatcher)

25 June 2007

I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while the other day when I noticed something unusual about our conversation.

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Which Type of Emailer Are You?

24 June 2007

Does your email inbox stress you out? Does “You’ve got mail” mean “You’ve got stress”? Or are you more laid back about email?

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The ‘Monster Study’ on Stuttering

20 June 2007

The so-called ‘Monster Study’ on children’s stuttering qualifies for this series on weird psychology on three grounds.

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Stop Staring at Me!

19 June 2007

Here are a couple of weird studies you can replicate yourself – if you’ve got the nerve.

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Encephalon #25 – The Neuroscience and Psychology Blog Carnival

18 June 2007

Welcome one and all to the 25th edition of the mighty Encephalon blogging carnival!

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Objects in the Home Reflect Your Relationship

15 June 2007

When I walk into someone’s home, almost without thinking I look around at the whole decor, but I’m particularly interested in prominently displayed objects.

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