Why Academics Hide in Ivory Towers

6 August 2007

How do people with no training and little exposure to psychological science view the work of academics and researchers?

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237 Reasons For Sex | Vegansexuals | Toilet Seats | Encephalon 28

3 August 2007

The authors then boiled these down to four general categories: physical, goal attainment, emotional and insecurity.

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What is the Point of Psychology Studies?

2 August 2007

“Why do we need this study?” or “This just tells us what we already know!” or, “Rubbish!”

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Thumbnail image for 5 Intriguing Studies of Human-Dog Psychology

5 Intriguing Studies of Human-Dog Psychology

1 August 2007

Do owners look like their dogs? Do we think they understand us? And more fascinating questions…

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What is Guilt For?

30 July 2007

A new experiment suggests the function of guilt is both to punish the self and encourage us to make amends.

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Last Albert Ellis Interview | Cannabis Risks | Seinfeld Tip

28 July 2007

After the death of Albert Ellis this week, the papers were filled with obituaries for one of the grandfathers of cognitive therapy.

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Best Optical Illusions Online

26 July 2007

Although it’s a pretty simple effect, it’s one of the best visual illusions I’ve seen.

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