The Impact Bias: Why We Are Poor at Simulating the Impact of Future Events

8 September 2007

Time and time again research on gaining or losing romantic partners, passing or failing exams, winning or losing elections has found they have little effect on our long-term happiness.

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Compliments Could Earn Hairstylists Thousands More in Tips

7 September 2007

A new experiment finds that hairstylists who compliment their customers earn one third more in tips.

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Instruction Manual for Psychological Torture Now Online

7 September 2007

The Manipulation of Human Behavior, published in 1961, contains techniques for interrogation and brainwashing.

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Thumbnail image for Our Dark Hearts: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Our Dark Hearts: The Stanford Prison Experiment

6 September 2007

The experiment that inspired a novel, two films, countless TV programs, re-enactments and even a band.

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Nominate Your Favourite Social Psychology Studies

4 September 2007

In my countdown of the of all time, the clear front runner is former Yale and Harvard social psychologist, Stanley Milgram.

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Kissing Secrets: Why Men Prefer More Saliva (And Other Revelations)

3 September 2007

Susan Hughes and colleagues know how to spice up an academic paper.

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Why Attempt Suicide? Evidence from the Poetry of Suicidal Poets

1 September 2007

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt once more raises the question of what leads people to take their own life.

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