How do Emoticons and Capitalisation Affect Perception of Email?

5 May 2007

Compared with face-to-face communication, nonverbal cues in email are lacking. But humans are fabulous at generating meaning even when cues are sparse.

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Gender Differences in Reading Nonverbal Behaviour

3 May 2007

In testing understanding of nonverbal behaviour, research has found that women fare better than men.

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A Slow Smile Attracts

2 May 2007

How does a smile’s speed in combination with head-tilt and gender affect its perception?

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Nonverbal Behaviour

1 May 2007

Nonverbal behaviour is an area of psychology that receives stacks of media attention.

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Older and Musically Wiser?

25 April 2007

With age comes musical wisdom.

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Will Solving The ‘Hard Problem’ of Consciousness Unweave the Rainbow?

22 April 2007

Some say in fifty years or so we’ll have enough neuro-scientific evidence to completely describe the functioning of the brain.

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Is Sacrifice in Relationships Related to Commitment and Functioning?

18 April 2007

Most people make relationship sacrifices in one way or another, but I’m always suspect of people who specifically emphasise them.

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