The Nonverbal Symphony of Attraction

7 May 2007

Interactions were videotaped from behind a one-way screen and participants were asked afterwards how likely they would be to go on a date with the person they’d met.

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How do Emoticons and Capitalisation Affect Perception of Email?

5 May 2007

Compared with face-to-face communication, nonverbal cues in email are lacking. But humans are fabulous at generating meaning even when cues are sparse.

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Gender Differences in Reading Nonverbal Behaviour

3 May 2007

In testing understanding of nonverbal behaviour, research has found that women fare better than men.

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A Slow Smile Attracts

2 May 2007

How does a smile’s speed in combination with head-tilt and gender affect its perception?

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Nonverbal Behaviour

1 May 2007

Nonverbal behaviour is an area of psychology that receives stacks of media attention.

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Older and Musically Wiser?

25 April 2007

With age comes musical wisdom.

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Will Solving The ‘Hard Problem’ of Consciousness Unweave the Rainbow?

22 April 2007

Some say in fifty years or so we’ll have enough neuro-scientific evidence to completely describe the functioning of the brain.

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