Is Modern Self-Help Just a Massive Money-Making Scam?

9 January 2008

From humble beginnings, self-help books have now colonised huge and ever-growing areas of bookshops.

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Schopenhauer’s Extreme Self-Help for Pessimists

3 January 2008

Schopenhauer was such an extreme pessimist that he thought we live in the worst of all possible worlds and happiness is an illusion.

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Hedonist Philosopher Epicurus Was Right About Happiness (Mostly)

31 December 2007

Epicurus’ guide to the good life compared with modern research in psychology looking at satisfaction with life.

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At the Heart of Attraction Lies Confusion: Choice Blindness

29 December 2007

Do you think you’d be able to accurately describe why you find a person attractive?

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When We Are Fools to Ourselves

19 December 2007

Five factors that have a huge effect on how accurately we report our own higher mental processes.

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Can You Recommend an Online Support Group?

18 December 2007

Who do you turn to for a helping hand?

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What We Don’t Know About Shopping, Reading, Watching TV and Judging People

17 December 2007

When shopping, reading, watching TV and judging other people we have little access to what’s going on in our own minds.

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