What We Don’t Know About Shopping, Reading, Watching TV and Judging People

17 December 2007

When shopping, reading, watching TV and judging other people we have little access to what’s going on in our own minds.

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Is Happier Always Better? Socially Yes, Financially No

14 December 2007

People around the world value happiness – that is, feeling good – above intelligence, success and even material wealth.

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10 Weird Psychology Studies: Vote Now For Your Favourite!

12 December 2007

Psychologists are skilled at inventing unusual tests of human thought and behaviour, but some research is pretty weird.

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Why Problem Solving Itself is a Puzzle, Even to Poincare and Picasso

11 December 2007

A classic 1931 experiment shows how the mechanics of our own problem-solving are often a puzzle to us.

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Our Secret Attitude Changes

7 December 2007

When you change your attitude about something, do you know why?

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The Hidden Workings of Our Minds

6 December 2007

How do great artists create? Listen to them try to explain and you’ll probably be disappointed.

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Do We Know What Makes Us Happy?

4 December 2007

Happiness is all about everyday, normal activities, psychologists have argued, but do we intuitively understand what strategies increase happiness or not?

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