Is Happier Always Better? Socially Yes, Financially No

14 December 2007

People around the world value happiness – that is, feeling good – above intelligence, success and even material wealth.

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10 Weird Psychology Studies: Vote Now For Your Favourite!

12 December 2007

Psychologists are skilled at inventing unusual tests of human thought and behaviour, but some research is pretty weird.

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Why Problem Solving Itself is a Puzzle, Even to Poincare and Picasso

11 December 2007

A classic 1931 experiment shows how the mechanics of our own problem-solving are often a puzzle to us.

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Our Secret Attitude Changes

7 December 2007

When you change your attitude about something, do you know why?

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The Hidden Workings of Our Minds

6 December 2007

How do great artists create? Listen to them try to explain and you’ll probably be disappointed.

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Do We Know What Makes Us Happy?

4 December 2007

Happiness is all about everyday, normal activities, psychologists have argued, but do we intuitively understand what strategies increase happiness or not?

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3 Happiness Enhancing Activities With Evidence They Work

28 November 2007

Three activities that have evidence to back up their claims for increasing happiness.

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