The 8 Best Personality Studies Of 2023

Exploring the personality traits of criminals, psychopaths, alexithymics, the anxious and the heroic.

These 8 psychology studies explore the traits of criminals, psychopaths, alexithymics, the anxious and the heroic.

Our own personalities are so familiar that we often do not notice how they influence what we think and do.

It is when interacting with someone whose traits are quite different that our own are thrown into contrast.

What makes criminals, psychopaths and the aggressive the way they are?

What about the successful, the worried, the heroically selfless and even people who feel nothing at all?

All these personality traits and more are explored in these 8 studies from 2023 on the psychology of personality.

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The Personality Trait That Makes Some Criminals So Dangerous (M)

Why some violent criminals are more likely than others to offend again.


The Personality Trait Linked To Childhood Maltreatment (M)

One-in-four children worldwide is maltreated.


Posting More Selfies Is A Sign Of This Personality Trait (M)

Women’s natural assertiveness is revealed online.


These Parental Personality Traits Are Linked To Children’s Success (M)

There is little evidence that children ‘turn into’ their parents, but parental personalities are central.


How To Turn Negative Personality Traits To Advantage (M)

One way to deal with less attractive personality traits.


The Personality Trait Linked To Mood Swings (M)

Like most psychological concepts this personality trait exists on a continuum.


The Type Of Personality Traits Linked To Being Prejudiced (M)

These antagonistic personality traits are linked to prejudiced view against gay and trans people.


The Personality Trait That Marks Out Selfless Heroes (M)

Kidney donors may incur considerable expense and undergo painful surgery even without knowing the organ’s recipient. Why do they do it?


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