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Guide to Psychology Blogs – Part 4

Discover the most accessible and well-written psychology blogs available on the web.

Update: here’s a more recent list of 40 superb psychology blogs.

Best mental health blog

World of Psychology, run by the clinical psychologist Dr John Grohol, is a great blog for mental health generally. But the blog only forms part of the site, that also includes discussion forums, a guide to medications, psychological tests and more. Loads of useful resources on mental health books and research.

Best social psychology blog

The Situationist explores the importance of the situation in human behaviour and thought. It covers social psychology, social cognition, and related fields, but it is associated with Harvard Law School and therefore has a broad subject-area. It has both original writing and interesting excerpts from relevant pieces in the media.

Best ‘big pharma watch’ blog

Philip Dawdy is a journalist with bipolar disorder whose blog, Furious Seasons [NOW INACTIVE], rattles the cages of Big Pharma. Want to find out more about the atypical anti-psychotic Zyprexa, made by Eli Lilly? Worried about the marketing of drugs and whether they are really for the benefit of patients?

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