40 Superb Psychology Blogs

Some of the best writing about psychology from blogs.

Some of the best writing about psychology from blogs.

Forty of the best psychology blogs, chosen to give you a broad sweep of the most interesting content being produced online right now.

The list is split into three sections: first are more general psychological blogs, followed by those with an academic slant, followed by condition specific and patient perspective blogs.

Other than that the blogs are presented in no particular order.

Update Sept 2021: most of the blogs below are now sadly inactive, except for the blog you are currently reading PsyBlog.


  1. PsyBlog: The blog you’re reading right now—you should subscribe to PsyBlog here.
  2. MindHacks: links to psychological goodness from all around the web.
  3. (Now inactive) Cognitive Daily: in-depth coverage of cognitive psychology research.
  4. The Last Psychiatrist: thoughtful, iconoclastic perspective from a practising psychiatrist.
  5. Channel N: brain and behaviour videos.
  6. BPS Research Digest: accessibly covers new psychological research.
  7. (Now inactive) Encephalon: neuroscience/psychology ‘blog carnival’.
  8. Neurophilosophy: about molecules, minds and everything inbetween.
  9. Neuromarketing: brain science in marketing and sales.
  10. PsychCentral Blog: team blog, focusing more on clinical topics: depression, anxiety etc..
  11. The Situationist: links to articles on social psychology.
  12. We’re Only Human: journalist Wray Herbert writes about the quirks of human nature.
  13. Psychology Today Blogs: ‘essential reads’ from Psychology Today’s stable of bloggers.
  14. (Now inactive) The Frontal Cortex: by author and journalist Jonah Lehrer.
  15. (Now inactive) All In The Mind Blog: companion to good Australian radio show covering mind matters.
  16. (Now inactive) Frontier Psychiatrist: anonymous London-based psychiatrist critical of the profession.
  17. Neuronarrative: psychology with a public health slant.
  18. (Now inactive) Jena Pincott: science of love, sex and attraction.
  19. Research Blogging: posts collected from variety of blogs but all peer-reviewed research.
  20. In the News: forensic psychologist Karen Franklin on the intersection between psychology and law.
  21. The Mouse Trap: musings on cognitive and developmental psychology.
  22. (Now inactive) The Trouble with Spikol: mental health policy issues discussed by writer Liz Spikol.
  23. Bad Science: Covers more than psychology but Dr Ben Goldacre is such good value we’ll let him off.

More academic:

  1. Dr Petra Boynton: sex educator and academic exposes media misrepresentations of science.
  2. Babel’s Dawn: exploring the origins of language.
  3. The Neurocritic: anonymous, critical, mischievous.
  4. Advances in the History of Psychology: it’s all in the title.
  5. Deric Bounds’ MindBlog: biological view of the brain from an Emeritus Professor.
  6. (Now inactive) Brain Stimulant: neurotechnology methods of brain stimulation.
  7. (Now inactive) Social Psychology Eye: written by contributors to the journal Social and Personality Psychology Compass.
  8. Child Psychology Research Blog: by clinical child psychologist, an expert on mood disorders.

Condition specific/patient perspective blogs:

  1. Panic!: writer who’s been dealing with panic disorder for 20 years.
  2. (Now inactive) The Tangled Neuron: layperson reports on memory loss, Alzheimer’s & dementia.
  3. Beyond Blue: author provides guidance on how to get through depression.
  4. (Now inactive) Walking the Black Dog: one person’s battle with ‘the black dog’.
  5. (Now inactive) Postpartum Progress: advocate for women, Katherine Stone, on postpartum mental health problems.
  6. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive: Seaneen is a twenty-three year old Irish girl writing about her life.
  7. (Now inactive) Autism Blog: autism research described by Lisa Jo Rudy, who has first-hand experience of the condition.
  8. The Reality of Anxiety: Aimee, who suffers from social anxiety, promoting understanding of the condition.


Author: Jeremy Dean

Psychologist, Jeremy Dean, PhD is the founder and author of PsyBlog. He holds a doctorate in psychology from University College London and two other advanced degrees in psychology. He has been writing about scientific research on PsyBlog since 2004. He is also the author of the book "Making Habits, Breaking Habits" (Da Capo, 2013) and several ebooks.

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