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Thinking of a Psychology Degree? Free Lectures from University of California at Berkeley

Lecture Hall
[Photo by kitsu]

Psychology is now the third most popular subject at degree level in the UK. If you’re thinking of studying for a psychology degree and you’re not sure whether it’s for you, then these free Psych 101 lectures from Berkeley are just the thing.

The course covers some basic areas of psychology: learning, sensation, perception, personality and development. The instructor on this course, Professor John Kihlstrom, is a highly respected psychologist at Berkeley, so well worth listening to. You can download the courses to your computer or mp3 player to listen to on the move.

The only downside is that the quality of the recording is not the best and does become distorted a times. Considering these lectures are free it’s not a major problem, but, before you download them all, do listen to a few to make sure it’s not too irritating to your ears.

Don’t forget to explore PsyBlog as well to get more of a flavour of what psychology is all about. Some of the subjects you’ll study at degree level include social psychology, developmental psychology, the psychology of memory, personality psychology and perhaps even positive psychology. Also, have a look at the orange section on the right of this page which contains links to the most popular articles on PsyBlog.

Incidentally, like Professor Kihlstrom I highly recommend buying Morton Hunt’s ‘The Story of Psychology‘ for a fantastic introduction to the history of psychology. I really can’t recommend this book enough, crazy cover photo and all…

» Psych 1 General Psychology by Professor John Kihlstrom.
» If you are feeling a little more unconventional then also check out the course on Buddhist psychology.



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