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This Common Food Is Linked To Heart Disease

This Common Food Is Linked To Heart Disease post image

Cholesterol in this food is linked to cardiovascular disease and death.

High consumption of eggs increases the risk of heart disease and death, research suggests.

This finding is based on the collected dietary data from 6 studies on 30,000 American adults over 31 years.

They show that consuming large quantities of eggs has a negative impact on health.

The recommended daily dietary cholesterol intake is below 300 milligrams (mg).

One egg contains 200 mg of cholesterol, which is almost the same amount as a 230 gram steak.

The study found that the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 17% and risk of death was higher by 18% when an additional 300 mg of dietary cholesterol was consumed per day.

Professor Katherine Tucker, the study co-author, said:

“Eating several eggs a week is reasonable.

But I recommend people avoid eating three-egg omelets every day.

Nutrition is all about moderation and balance.”

The evidence on whether egg consumption or dietary cholesterol is tied to heart disease and death remains contradictory.

For example, a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland suggests that eating up to one egg per day or a moderately high intake of dietary cholesterol won’t elevate the risk of stroke.

Cholesterol helps the body make certain hormones which we need and this common nutrient comes from the diet and the liver.

One major source of dietary cholesterol is egg, a food that includes important nutrients for eye and bone health.

About the author

Mina Dean is a Nutritionist and Food Scientist. She holds a BSc in Human Nutrition and an MSc in Food Science.

The first study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Zhong et al., 2019) and the second study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Abdollahi et al., 2019).