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Psychology of Money: What Do We Want To Know?

This week PsyBlog is dedicated to the psychology of money.

Over the next week or so I hope you’ll join me on a journey into the psychology of money. Send me your questions as we explore our sometimes strange, sometimes passionate, always complex relationship with filthy lucre:

  • Why some people are so obsessed with it, why others don’t care.
  • How we decide what to spend it on.
  • Why things cost the amount they do.

And many more questions I haven’t thought of yet! I’ll be looking at psychological studies, theories about money and running some polls to reveal our attitudes.

So please send me any queries about the psychology of money that you’d like answering (email me). Any aspect of money you like as long as it has a psychological angle.

I’ll be doing my best to answer your questions and I hope you’ll be able to enlighten me as well.

[Image credit: AMagill]



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