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Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments on the poll I put up last week asking about the accessibility of PsyBlog. I asked whether you find that PsyBlog is pitched at the right level of complexity for you.

Well, 305 of you voted and here’s what you said:

  • 1%: Usually too complicated for me, please make it simpler!
  • 5%: Sometimes too complicated, it would be better if you explained things more.
  • 7%: Sometimes too complicated, but that’s fine with me.
  • 51%: Almost always at the right level for me.
  • 24%: Sometimes too simplistic, but that’s fine with me.
  • 5%: Sometimes too simplistic, it would be better if you skipped the easy stuff.
  • 7%: Usually too simple for me, please increase the complexity!

I’m happy to see that the majority of respondents (just!) are finding PsyBlog is at about the right level for them. But, 36% of you find, at least some of the time, that PsyBlog’s content is too simplistic for you; as opposed to 13% finding it too complex. Overall, then, your message as a group seems to be that including a little more complexity wouldn’t hurt. I’m mindful, though, of not excluding readers.

It’s worth pointing out that this poll is exactly what you would expect since the complexity of the content will tend to attract people who are happy at, or around, that level. And so we go around in a circle…

Still, it’s nice to see you arrange yourselves into a fair approximation of a bell-curve type normal distribution. Well done!

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Published: 15 February 2008

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