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Workaholics Better in Bed

Here’s a thought for you: Ask one hundred men how hard they work and then ask their wives about their orgasms. In this research, reported at the American Psychological Association conference, the high-achievers at work also tended to be the high-achievers in the bedroom.

The spin being put on this by the researcher is that it’s good news for workaholics but let’s think of a few possible problems with this idea:

  • High achievers are more competitive – is sex a competition?
  • Are wives of high-achievers more likely to lie in a survey of sexual satisfaction?
  • Is guilt about working all hours being compensated for in the bedroom?
  • Can sexual satisfaction really be measured by asking about ‘orgasm frequency and intensity’ and taking measures on ‘intimacy scales’?
  • How long will a relationship revolving around the bedroom last?

Race for the best headline is easily won by The Sun, ‘Grafters are best shafters’.



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