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Kinsey’s sex surveys – prepare to repel misinformation

Half a century ago the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey redefined what was considered normal sexual behaviour. A Hollywood film of his life is already garnering rave reviews in the US, and comes out in the UK on 4th March.

In anticipation of the film’s release journalists will be beavering away on feature articles. One of their less-gifted number has already been in contact with Petra Boynton, the sex and relationship psychologist:

“Last week a journalist called me and asked for Kinsey’s email address. Not the address of the Kinsey Institute, but Professor Alfred Kinsey’s personal private account.

‘”I’d have a job doing that”, I replied. “He’s dead!”
“Oh what a shame,” they said. “And he’s only just finished making that film…”
“That’s an actor, Liam Neeson, playing Kinsey,” I explained.
After a pause the journalist asked, “So who was Kinsey anyway?”‘

It’s a wonder some people can hold onto their jobs.
> From BBC News