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To avoid disappointment, please scan through the answers to common questions before emailing me.

(Actually, this list tells it’s own story, one that reminds me wistfully of the sort of emails I thought I would get from people. Regrettably¬†those sort of emails are few and far between.)

Answers to common questions:

  • No, marketing person, I will not publish your ‘infographic’. And anyway, those went out of fashion days ago…
  • I am not currently looking for writers and I don’t publish guest posts on PsyBlog (or write guest posts on other blogs).
  • If you are looking for more information about a topic or can’t track down that study “where you know that guy did that thing” then Google Scholar is highly recommended.
  • I cannot help with school, college or university projects.
  • If you don’t agree with the conclusions of a study I’ve written about or have some methodological question/criticism: contact the study’s original authors.
  • If you want to cite an article and need the author’s name then check out the about page, it’s always me. You can get the date from the bottom of the article.
  • Comments were disabled because they took too long to administer. Popular websites have to delete up to 95% of comments, a substantial proportion manually: I don’t have the time to do this.
  • Please do not send me press releases or randomly add me to your mailing list. Find out more about advertising on PsyBlog.
  • I do not do ‘link exchanges’. Again, see my advertising page.
  • I cannot enter into correspondence about personal issues and I can’t give you advice about where to study/career changes etc..
  • I very rarely publish book reviews on PsyBlog.
  • I do not allow my writing to be reused in its entirety for any purposes without my express agreement. Instead please publish an excerpt on your site and link back to the original article on PsyBlog.
  • Translating my articles into other languages is fine, as long as your website is not for profit. Don’t forget to credit me and link back to the original article on PsyBlog.

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