The Trap – What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom?

‘The Trap – What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom?’ is a new documentary by the BAFTA-winning producer Adam Curtis. It looks at how models of human behaviour shaped by Cold War logic have come to control our lives. The first episode in the three-part series was shown on BBC TV here in the UK last Sunday. If you’re curious about the intersection of psychology and politics, and how we got where we are today, then you must see this documentary. It’s on BBC2 this Sunday and next Sunday at 9pm.

For everyone, especially those of you not in the UK, you can check out Adam Curtis’ previous work, also excellent, on YouTube. The Power of Nightmares examines how politicians have used the power of fear to get what they want.

You can find the rest of this documentary by searching YouTube.

The other documentary, The Century of the Self explains how Freud’s insights into unconscious human desires propelled the juggernauts of business and politics.

You can find the rest of this documentary by searching YouTube.

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Published: 13 March 2007

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