Top Ten Studies, Encephalon #19, 1,000+ Subscribers

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far in the Top Ten Psychology studies. As I write it’s up to 270 votes. All the early action was on Stanley Milgram, but Aaron T. Beck has come from way down the field and is now edging it by 4%. Are you really going to let a psychiatrist win this? Freud was a solid runner out of the gates, but he’s fading fast – looks like he doesn’t have the legs for this distance. Miller, Loftus, Kahneman & Tversky are in the central bunch. Solid runners but they’ll need to move right now…

Encephalon #19 is up at Peripersonal Space. So pull on your fighting trousers and get stuck in to the false dichotomy between emotion and reason.

And finally: a koala bear has been making friends with the penguins at an Australian zoo…. I’m sorry, I’m typing the wrong script…

And finally: PsyBlog has shot through the 1,000 subscriber mark today. So, keep up the good work loyal readers. As ever, I welcome your suggestions, comments, adulation, corrections, complaints and all round diversity.

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Published: 26 March 2007

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