Depressive Thinking

2 March 2006

Most people have experienced depression for at least a short period of time, perhaps as the result of an event or confluence of events. For others, though, depression will not […]

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Beautiful Madness

6 February 2006

The real-life story of ‘Nia’ who exchanged beauty for sanity: “Nia was too beautiful to be in a psychiatric ward. That’s what everyone secretly felt, including the blunt, unsentimental nurses. […]

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Treating Madness With Drugs

23 January 2006

In a previous post I explained that current categorisations of mental illness find it hard to predict the course of the illness. Here I move onto the conventional pharmaceutical treatments […]

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Utility of Categorising Mental Illness

20 January 2006

In a previous post I described how current methods of categorising mental health problems are not particularly reliable or valid. As Kendell and Jablensky (2003) point out, the lack of […]

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Classifying Madness: Criticisms and Alternatives

17 January 2006

Over the years, Vincent van Gogh’s mental illness has been classified in 30 different ways by over 150 different physicians, not just those who originally treated him. It is becoming […]

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Benefits of Informal Psychological Helping

9 January 2006

Recently I wrote about the difficulties of evaluating mental health phone lines. Following on from this I’ve been taking a look at research into how the training of therapists affects […]

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Does Cannabis Cause Psychosis?

8 January 2006

An excellent balanced report in The Independent: “First, there has been no increase in schizophrenia in this country despite a massive increase in cannabis smoking. Second, there is no evidence […]

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