How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker (Book Review)

14 August 2007

Right from the outset Steven Pinker, a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, is apologising for the title of his book: ‘How the Mind Works’.

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The Hidden Purpose of Chat-up Lines

13 August 2007

New research suggests men’s choice of chat-up line may help quickly select for women with particular personalities.

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The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks (Review)

12 August 2007

One book almost everyone interested in psychology will enjoy is Oliver Sack’s ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat’.

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Group Therapy Online | Eye Movement Coupling | Macho Men Still Untrustworthy

11 August 2007

Can group therapy work over the internet? A new study published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics suggests it can be useful in some circumstances.

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Is Marriage Dying? No. (Well, Probably Not)

10 August 2007

What does the future hold for the institution of marriage? I ask because we’re constantly hearing about the ‘deinstitutionalisation’ of marriage.

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‘Good’ Wine Increases Food Consumption by 12%

7 August 2007

If I give you a glass of wine, telling you to expect a taste-explosion, unless you’re an expert, you’re likely to experience it as being tastier.

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Why Academics Hide in Ivory Towers

6 August 2007

How do people with no training and little exposure to psychological science view the work of academics and researchers?

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