How Memories are Distorted and Invented: Misattribution

5 February 2008

When a memory is ‘misattributed’ some original true aspect of a memory becomes distorted through time, space or circumstances.

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On the Tip-of-the-Tongue: Blocked Memories

31 January 2008

When the memory is right there and yet for some reason you can’t quite access it.

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Absent-Mindedness: A Blessing in Disguise?

30 January 2008

How we would forget our heads if they weren’t screwed on and why absent-mindedness could be a blessing in disguise.

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The New Science of Happiness

25 January 2008

A new and blossoming field of psychology – positive psychology – has begun to uncover fascinating, evidence-based answers to many questions about happiness.

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How to Be Happy, Confucian Style

24 January 2008

Confucius’ advice on how to live the good life, contrasted with some of the tenets of Taoism and Buddhism.

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How Quickly We Forget: The Transience of Memory

22 January 2008

How the passage of time affects our memories.

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6 Self-Help Books for Depression Recommended by Experts

21 January 2008

There are many, many self-help books for depression around these days, but which ones do experts recommend and which ones work?

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