Self-Control Instantly Replenished by Self-Affirmation

25 March 2010

When you feel weak, stating core values can be a quick and easy self-control booster.

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Online Snooping: Is Your Partner Secretly Watching You?

23 March 2010

In 44% of married couples, at least one partner is secretly checking up on the other’s online activities.

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How to Increase Your Self-Control Without Really Trying

18 March 2010

New study shows that self-control can be automatically, unconsciously bolstered by abstract thinking.

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8 Studies Demonstrating the Power of Simplicity

16 March 2010

Psychological research on cognitive fluency shows why easy to understand = more profitable, more pleasurable, more intelligent and safer.

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What Alcohol Does to Your Mind: Attentional Myopia

11 March 2010

Alcohol makes us attentionally ‘short-sighted’ — this helps explain its popularity and its variable effects.

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Does Playing Hard to Get Work?

8 March 2010

Are women who play hard-to-get really more popular, beautiful and in possession of better personalities?

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PsyBlog Now on Facebook

2 March 2010

PsyBlog is now on Facebook, you might like to add yourself as a fan.

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