Why Thought Suppression is Counter-Productive

22 May 2009

How pushing a thought out of consciousness can bring it back with a vengeance.

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The Psychology of Attention

13 May 2009

How attention works, what happens when it fails and how it can be improved.

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How Meditation Improves Attention

12 May 2009

The science of meditation and attention, including a beginner’s guide to meditation.

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Why Do People Watch Scary Movies, Stay in Ice Hotels or Eat Bacon-Flavoured Ice-Cream?

30 April 2009

We live in a society of total consumption: not just the physical consumption of things but also the conceptual consumption of ideas.

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Attentional Blink and the Stream of Consciousness

15 April 2009

Participants in psychology studies, after focusing their attention on a particular target, show a strange gap in their attention: a kind of blind spot.

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18 Ways Attention Goes Wrong

13 April 2009

When attention goes badly wrong it can play some nasty tricks on us.

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Can Visual Attention Truly Be Divided?

7 April 2009

It might feel like you’re attending to the speeding car and the hapless child at the same time, but it’s just consciousnesses up to its old tricks.

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