Why Left to Right Punches Are More Aggressive, Powerful and Shocking

23 June 2009

The direction in which language flows could have implications that spread into many other areas of our experience.

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Consumer Psychology

19 June 2009

How and why we consume and how our beliefs, ideas and senses influence consumption.

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Can the Unconscious Outperform the Conscious Mind?

15 June 2009

Think or blink? Powerful claims for unconscious thought in complex decision-making are overblown.

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Why Men Prefer Direct Pick-Up Lines

10 June 2009

Both sexes know men prefer a direct approach from woman, but is it just because men can’t read the signs?

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Why Group Norms Kill Creativity

8 June 2009

Research shows group members equate creativity with conformity.

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Social Facilitation: How and When Audiences Improve Performance

4 June 2009

Performance can improve on easy tasks when other people are present, but the effect isn’t permanent.

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Social Loafing: When Groups Are Bad for Productivity

29 May 2009

The more people in a group, the less work they do: when social loafing strikes and how it can be reduced.

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