November 2009

Our Minds Are Black Boxes – Even to Ourselves

30 November 2009

The stories we weave about our mental processes are logically appealing but fatally flawed more often than we’d like to think.

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Basking in Reflected Glory

26 November 2009

Classic social psychology study explores our yearning to bask in the reflected glory of successful others.

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Ads For Unhealthy Foods Increase Children’s Consumption 45%

24 November 2009

New psychology research demonstrates a direct effect of snack food adverts on increased consumption for both adults and children.

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The Chameleon Effect

19 November 2009

Does mimicking other people’s body language really make them like us?

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The Psychological Immune System

12 November 2009

We get over bad moods much sooner than we predict, thanks to the covert work of the psychological immune system.

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