February 2009

‘Social Networking Increases Cancer Risk’ – I Salute the Debunkers!

26 February 2009

Debunkers, I salute you!

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How to Choose Between Experiential and Material Purchases

23 February 2009

Experiential purchases like restaurant trips or theatre tickets are likely to beat material purchases like clothes or electronics for our long-term happiness.

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Leaders Emerge by Talking First and Most Often

16 February 2009

There is a big gap between the actual competence of leaders and the way in which they are perceived by others.

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Deaf Signers Feel Words On the Tip of their Fingers

12 February 2009

Signers frequently report knowing the name of a famous person, city or country, but are unable to remember the sign.

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Women’s Makeup Draws 33% More Men

8 February 2009

Does the application of cosmetics encourage others to make the first move?

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