January 2009

How to Avoid Procrastination: Think Concrete

29 January 2009

Study finds procrastination is warded off by considering tasks in concrete terms.

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Do You Believe in Free Will?

23 January 2009

New experiments show that disbelief in free will decreases helping behaviours and increases aggression.

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Gratitude Enhanced by Focusing on End of Pleasurable Experience

14 January 2009

One of the greatest challenges to achieving happiness through gratitude is routine, familiarity and habit.

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Memory Improved 20% by Nature Walk

7 January 2009

New study finds that short-term memory is improved 20% by walking in nature, or even just by looking at an image of a natural scene.

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Thumbnail image for How to Use Your Character Strengths

How to Use Your Character Strengths

5 January 2009

This post explains how to use the results of the survey of your character strengths.

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