4 Ways We Fail to Choose Happiness

6 June 2008

There are two requirements for decision-making that will bring happiness in the future.

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Friendships Can Depend on Who You Meet First

5 June 2008

Surely the person we just happen to meet first shouldn’t be more likely to become a firm friend in the long run?

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Thumbnail image for Venting Emotions After Trauma Predicts Worse Outcomes

Venting Emotions After Trauma Predicts Worse Outcomes

3 June 2008

New research suggests that talking about thoughts and feelings after a trauma may not help.

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Susan Blackmore on Memes and Temes (Video)

3 June 2008

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is probably the best idea that anybody has ever had.

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Touching Lingerie Makes (Some) Men Impatient for Monetary Rewards

2 June 2008

Women’s underwear is likely to get men thinking about sex, but might it also change apparently unrelated behaviours?

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How to Choose Happiness: Combat 5 Decision-Making Biases

29 May 2008

Choosing happiness can be hard work, but the effort often pays off.

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Infants Imitate Others When Only Weeks Old

28 May 2008

What do infants understand about the social world?

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