Improve Your Mind-Reading: Focus on the Big Picture You

1 July 2008

Experiments suggest we rarely do better than chance at rating how likeable, intelligent or attractive others think we are.

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30 Psychobabble Phrases – Which Do You Hate Most?

25 June 2008

Perhaps it’s time to ‘get really OCD’ about cleaning the fridge?

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Would You Ask Someone to Pick up Their Dog’s Poop?

25 June 2008

Urban dwellers cite incivility as their top urban stressor.

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Infants are Intuitive Physicists: Object Permanence

20 June 2008

Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when we can’t actually see them.

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Psychobabble: Which Expressions Do You Love to Hate?

19 June 2008

Sometimes respectable psychological terms escape from their cosy, sheltered academic homes and develop their ‘babble’ out in the wide world where they’re ravaged by the uncultured masses and left almost unrecognisable.

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When Children Begin to Simulate Other Minds

18 June 2008

The emergence of theory of mind in children is a vital developmental milestone; some psychologists think that a failure to develop a theory of mind is a central component of autism.

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Which Cognitive Enhancers Really Work: Brain Training, Drugs, Vitamins, Meditation or Exercise?

10 June 2008

Although wisdom may come with age, our brains don’t get any faster.

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