Jean Piaget’s Four-Stage Theory: How Children Acquire Knowledge

22 July 2008

Piaget has the dubious claim to fame of having produced perhaps the most criticised psychological theory of all time.

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6 Types of Play: How We Learn to Work Together

15 July 2008

The pioneering developmental psychologist Lev Vygotsky thought that, in the preschool years, play is the leading source of development.

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Human-Cat Psychology: Do Cats Improve Our Mood and Become Attached to Us?

14 July 2008

Cats’ effects on human mood, their ability to become attached to their owners, their personalities and our relationships with them.

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How Infants Start the Journey to Their First Word

12 July 2008

An infant’s very first step in their year-long journey to their first word is perhaps their most impressive.

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Ask For Help: Why People Are Twice as Likely to Assist as You Think

10 July 2008

In everyday life asking others for help can be embarrassing, perhaps even a painful experience. Requesting help potentially shows our own weakness and also opens us up to rejection.

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Better Golfers See Bigger Hole

8 July 2008

A new study demonstrates that imagination can have a direct effect on our perception of the world.

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Why Our Ideal Self Seems Further Away For Us Than Others

2 July 2008

Understanding ourselves is partly about understanding who it is we want to become.

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