Superstitious? Why Even Rational People Hate to Tempt Fate

14 August 2008

Opening umbrellas indoors – why do even the most rational people have superstitious instincts?

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Six Degrees of Separation: Do We Really Live in a ‘Small World’?

5 August 2008

Six degrees of separation? Online maybe, but not necessarily offline.

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7 Myths of Crowd Psychology

1 August 2008

Crowds are not the many-armed destructive monsters of the popular or even fascist imagination.

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How Beliefs and Values Influence What Tastes Good

30 July 2008

Meat means social power and, for some, it’s the power that really tastes good.

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Are Boys Better Than Girls At Maths?

29 July 2008

The widespread assumption has been that there is a difference in mathematical achievement that needs explaining.

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The Way We Were: 10 Crucial Child Psychology Studies

25 July 2008

10 classic child psychology studies that have illuminated crucial areas of childhood development.

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Irritating Psychobabble: Disorders Win!

23 July 2008

Some favourite examples of psychobabble – technical psychological terms used out of context.

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