Why Loud Music in Bars Increases Alcohol Consumption

17 September 2008

When bars become noisier people soon give up trying to communicate and focus on their drinking, meaning more trips to the bar, and more regrets in the morning.

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Thumbnail image for How the Mind Reveals Itself in Everyday Activities

How the Mind Reveals Itself in Everyday Activities

11 September 2008

Many fascinating insights into the human mind are hidden in the most routine activities.

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Men’s Health Boost from Marriage Disappearing

8 September 2008

Time was that the persistently single male was seen as an unhealthy lump, prone to nightly feastings on pizza and beer – probably destined for an early grave because of his unhealthy lifestyle and poor social integration.

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Do You Challenge Queue-Jumpers and Line-Cutters?

4 September 2008

Queuing (or ‘standing in line’ for Americans) is time wasted, part of our lives flushed down the toilet.

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Happiness Could Add 10 Years to Your Life

3 September 2008

It seems only common sense that happiness should be good for our physical health, but psychological research has sent mixed signals in recent years.

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Think Yourself Healthy by Appreciating the Exercise You Already Do

1 September 2008

Is it possible to think yourself fitter without doing any additional exercise, but by simply better appreciating how much exercise you already do?

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Psychology of Magic: 3 Critical Techniques

28 August 2008

Psychologists are interested in the principles of magic because magicians have been carrying out informal behavioural experiments on people for centuries.

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