How Poor Gifts Affect Relationships

11 November 2008

Gift-giving experiments suggest women react more positively than men to poor gifts – at first.

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Weather Has Little Effect on Mood

4 November 2008

Surely sunshine and blue skies lift the spirits while black clouds and torrential rain send them plummeting? Research suggests the answer might not be so intuitive.

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Consciousness is a Magic Trick – Dan Dennett

29 October 2008

Dan Dennett is a philosopher of consciousness whose talk for TED shows how consciousness is a kind of magic trick cooked up by our brains

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False Memories Can Influence Behaviour

22 October 2008

Participants avoided egg salad sandwiches after false memories of sickness were implanted.

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Romantic Thoughts Increase Male Chivalry

16 October 2008

What is it about romance that makes men more helpful, chivalrous even?

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Memories Are Made of This

8 October 2008

New memory study records the activation of human brain cells deep inside the living brain.

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Thumbnail image for How to Improve Your Self-Control

How to Improve Your Self-Control

30 September 2008

New research suggests self-control can be improved using abstract reasoning.

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