6 Self-Help Books for Depression Recommended by Experts

21 January 2008

There are many, many self-help books for depression around these days, but which ones do experts recommend and which ones work?

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Experiences Beat Possessions: Why Materialism Causes Unhappiness

18 January 2008

Materialism is a dirty word. It also gets a bad rap in psychology.

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9 Ways Happiness Leads to Success

15 January 2008

The psychological literature clearly shows there is a strong relationship between success and happiness.

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What Everyone Should Know About Their Own Minds

11 January 2008

Classic psychology studies show just how little access we have to the workings of our own minds.

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What is Happiness?

11 January 2008

>Because happiness is something most of us aim for, how we define it has important implications for how we conduct our lives.

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Is Modern Self-Help Just a Massive Money-Making Scam?

9 January 2008

From humble beginnings, self-help books have now colonised huge and ever-growing areas of bookshops.

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Schopenhauer’s Extreme Self-Help for Pessimists

3 January 2008

Schopenhauer was such an extreme pessimist that he thought we live in the worst of all possible worlds and happiness is an illusion.

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