Why You’re a Sucker for the Impact Bias

5 May 2008

Psychologists have found that the impact bias is one reason we are often poor at predicting how future events will affect us emotionally.

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How to Feel More Pleasure: Crank up the Mystery

3 May 2008

When we get a gift from someone out of the blue, alarm bells start ringing.

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How Children Learn the Earth Isn’t Flat

30 April 2008

A classic study of childhood learning suggests true understanding comes from letting go of established preconceptions.

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Forget Rich Lists, Read the ‘Happy List’

27 April 2008

The Wealth List, Power List, Influence List, Celebrity List… almost every week some publication or other is worshipping at the shrine of the wealthy and famous.

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Why The Chinese Are Getting Richer But Not Happier

25 April 2008

The rapidly developing Chinese economy has a hard lesson to teach developed nations about the happiness of the majority.

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10 Mind-Myths: Do Any of These Catch You Out?

18 April 2008

Think our attitudes predict our behaviours? Think we only use 10% of our brains? Think blind people’s other senses are more acute? Think again.

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The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness by Jeff Warren (Book Review)

16 April 2008

Take a trip through the science – and experience – of altered states of consciousness in Jeff Warren’s absorbing new book.

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