July 2008

How Infants Start the Journey to Their First Word

12 July 2008

An infant’s very first step in their year-long journey to their first word is perhaps their most impressive.

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Ask For Help: Why People Are Twice as Likely to Assist as You Think

10 July 2008

In everyday life asking others for help can be embarrassing, perhaps even a painful experience. Requesting help potentially shows our own weakness and also opens us up to rejection.

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Better Golfers See Bigger Hole

8 July 2008

A new study demonstrates that imagination can have a direct effect on our perception of the world.

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Why Our Ideal Self Seems Further Away For Us Than Others

2 July 2008

Understanding ourselves is partly about understanding who it is we want to become.

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Improve Your Mind-Reading: Focus on the Big Picture You

1 July 2008

Experiments suggest we rarely do better than chance at rating how likeable, intelligent or attractive others think we are.

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